chastity belt 

Melinda is a very funny girl. She breezed through her 5-day Chastity Deal as if it was nothing! The challenge was probably not hard enough, but it must be seen as a test of hosting girls at other locations. The photographer took her home and she had her own bed, where she spent most of the time, relaxing in her chastity belt.
Mobile phones are definitely important to girls in a Chastity Deal, because that seems to be all they do when they are trying to distract themselves. Well, I guess mobile phones are important to everyone now, even people who are not belted. Maybe a good challenge would be a Chastity Deal WITHOUT a mobile phone? That would be horrifying to most of the girls, believe me! It would be the hardest challenge ever on this website, even harder than double plugged Deals!
Anyway, the photographer told me that Melinda had no problems at all during the Chastity Deal and that he would be happy to host more girls for me. I will have to instruct him on a few things, such as how to make the days a bit more challenging and keeping an eye on the lining of the belt (it can be painful if it shifts too much). He gave Melinda her toilet breaks (but no shower breaks) and he kept the keys in his pocket at all times. Except when it was time to unlock Melinda, he couldn’t find the keys for about 20 minutes, but she was only a little upset about that incident.
I think this went pretty well! But Melinda was too relaxed. Next time I will host her, so I can give her more challenges. I really missed the collar in this Deal. A plug or some vibrating will also be included next time. Melinda, if you are reading this: please come back soon for another Deal, you are great!

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  1. just another day; except that she has been belted; next get her into a metal bra

  2. If only there were a way to lock up a phone that runs a clock – once a girl can keep a phone locked up for 24 hours, she gets the keys to the belt. Get the phone out for even one quick check and she’s stuck for another day

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