chastity belt 

MexicoOne of the rooms in my studio is ‘the black room’. Or at least that’s what everyone calls it. It is very dark, with a bondage cross, a massage table, and a cage. Also red curtains, carpets, and a nice big sofa.
When the studio is rented out to photographers, this is where most people love to shoot. So it is always a big mess after they leave, and my trusty assistant Anahí will clean it up and put everything back the way it was for the next shoot. But from now on, she will have to do this in her red My-Steel belt, and her big steel collar and tight fitting wrist cuffs. Why? You can read that here.
Some of you have met Anahí at BoundCon Munich in November, which was a great way for her to be introduced to the fetish world, but she was not belted and collared back then. She did get handcuffed a lot by visitors and photographers, because she is quite well known for escaping handcuffs! Now, she is getting more and more interested in fetish and bondage, and she loves being in her tight red My-Steel!
That’s great, because she is my assistant and whenever she comes to work at my studio (which is quite often), she will have to be locked in the chastity belt, collar, and cuffs for the day. She is also available for meet and greets (we already had one fan at the studio, who had a lovely day with her), and custom videos and photo shoots in case you aren’t able to make it over to the Netherlands.
I barged in on Anahi’s cleaning job with my camera rolling, to interview her and let her explain what she does in the studio. She is so lovely, I’m sure you will enjoy this video! Don’t miss it!

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  1. Chastitybabes a role model. “Be locked in the chastity belt”, ought to be the rule for women in all companies.

  2. Just fell in love with the first intro set – just the prewiew pics. So thought cb´s isnt my main weakness (metal gear is!) i had to get a membership. Those two sets is worth the membership. She is soo cute – natureal – sweet – lovely !!

  3. David Sellmon says:

    I really hope Anahí will sign a deal for at least 30 days, she would be so perfect for it :3 Preferably including the collar and cuffs, although that might be a little too harsh for her…

  4. Anahi is really so great! I watch her introduction video several times. She has so much fun, putting on the gear and I believe her to 100% that she really love it. She is, as Alex, already said, so pure natural, not a sign of acting or something. I like that very much. She is just a natural cute person.

    Stay the way you are, Anahi, you are very great.^^

  5. learning on the job…

  6. Anahi is adorable! Next time, she needs to have the wrist cuffs locked to each other! Full restraints for her, please!

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