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English dialogueThe very philosophical slave Y380 was locked in her double plugged chastity belt for 24 hours! Don’t try this at home, at least not when you are trying this for the first time, it is much better to build it up and do a few hours at first. German slave Y380 has got a lot of experience with toys, both anal and vaginal, and she loves to wear plugs.
During our walk outside, I interviewed her some more, and she said things like ‘it is freedom to wear anal and vaginal plugs’ and ‘every woman should be locked in a chastity belt’. Needless to say, I liked her very much! She shares my views, and she loves being in a belt, not having the keys to her freedom, and being plugged in both holes with a constant feeling of fullness.
It was great to find out what kind of problems could arise with long term double plugging. For example, the double plugs pushed on her bladder, so she felt like she had to pee all the time. She also said that she could probably run for a short distance, but not compete in the Olympics. Well, that isn’t much of a problem, although I would like to organise some chastity Olympics (hopefully next year).
Y380 is one of the most interesting people I have met, and she truly loves being double plugged. She walked around like she wasn’t even wearing a chastity belt, it was so easy for her! Of course, she was constantly reminded of the plugs, but she couldn’t think of any real problems. Which proves a very important point! Maybe the new slogan should be ‘all women should be in chastity belts AND double plugged ALL the time’. But let’s not get carried away here. There’s still a lot of work to be done.

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  1. What happened to her collar?

  2. Chastity belts make you free!

  3. Did she inquiry if a double plugged chastity belt would be legal in Holland ? :-)

  4. LoveSteel says:

    Great girl. But she also needs a tight and shiny locked steel bra.

  5. When will you do a new full chastity deal (belt/bra/cuffs/collar/chains), if it’s feasible? As in, not just a few hours or days, but a month or more?

  6. So nice to see Y380 visit Chastity Babes and starts with double plugged. I love her!!! Now we are waiting her visit Metal Bondage to.

  7. Locked_inSteel says:

    In most European countries, including Holland and the United States a chastity belt is illegal to use on underage people and is considered child abuse.

    Adults may legally buy, use and wear a Chastity Belt, but not force it to others without consent. A modern chastity belt today is mostly used by adults for the purpose to 1) prevent assault (used as an anti-rape aid) OR used for BDSM play as a sex toy.

    Although it’s legal to wear a steel chastity belt in Europe, Canada, USA (and most countries), under NO circumstances it should be imposed to others in public. Depending the circumstances, it may be considered “voyeurism” and illegal, and grounds to be arrested.

    Worst – deliberately “Flashing” a BDSM steel chastity belt (or parts) in public, with the intent to shock, provoke, offend, or arouse is a CRIMINAL OFFENSE in most countries as it’s considered “Public indecency”. Grounds to be charged for indecent exposure and lewd conduct.

    That said, I’m wearing my continuous-crotch steel chastity belt quite often in Public.

    I’m locked in a full steel chastity belt with a 4″ 3-ball i-bolt anal plug on the secondary slot, and earlier today I jumped in my tight super-skinny jeans with a long-sleeve athletic shirt on top, laced my inline skates and went to McDonald’s for a bite.

    Yes, the outlines may be obvious on my tight fitting outfits… And occasionally the waistband may show a bit (especially when seated, and I’m extra careful around kids) but under NO circumstances I will deliberately “flash” by belt – or suggest I’m penetrated with a metal anal plug (or enjoying having sex on wheels).

    Hide it, keep it secret, enjoy the ride and have fun! (be careful & act normal during a close call)

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