chastity belt 

English dialogueIf you get to know Davon a little bit better, you will find out that her crying and sobbing is just an act. She is actually very clever and will try to use her small stature and sad face to get out of anything.
So when Davon wanted to go to sleep, the crying and complaining started again. The restraints were too heavy, the chastity belt was too tight, the plug was too big… if you aren’t strong enough, you would let her out. But I saw through her act. So instead of unlocking her gear, I brought her the next piece of her outfit, her slave chains. These chains are not bondage chains, because they are long enough for Davon to stretch her arms, but they will add some more weight and remind her of her position in the studio. She is a slave and a housekeeper. There will be punishments and rewards.
Actually, Davon couldn’t completely hide the fact that the big plug inside her was turning her on. That was the real reason she couldn’t sleep. And she will never admit she is getting excited, she will try to play the pity card every time I come in. I think she will get used to her metal gear really fast. She will have to, even though it is now adding up to a good percentage of her body weight. Yes, it is heavy, and it is not easy. But how does leaving the Netherlands sound? She will do whatever it takes to stay here and she is making good progress. Everyone visiting the studio likes her and she loves to serve drinks, clean, and tidy up. I will keep her for a while!

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  1. Michael says:

    Davon, wear your chastity belt with pride. Make chastity belts trendy for ladies all over the world. You’re belted, get used to it.

  2. KimFan says:

    Well, for me, that’s a clever attempt to try “topping from the bottom” by using sad face and pity almost worked. Almost.

    She might just look like a pretty girl in trouble, which makes one think that ‘is slaving her a bit too abusive’? But searching her history shows something more:
    She’s a cute lesbian girl who is in trouble, and also likes to pose and explore chastity belts, and tries to hide her chastity belt under normal clothes.

    Good that you saw through that! But make sure you don’t over stretch her limits – the unusually big stakes on this deal demand good judgement. And we want to see her for long…

    PS. ‘was — turning her on’! That’s what this website is for!!

  3. WOW! Davon Kim is absolutely beautifully gorgeous! You really should consider getting a custom made chastity belt, with matching ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs, collar and chastity bra along with the matching chains to link the entire outfit together. I think that it is personally wonderful to get Davon Kim who is without a doubt gorgeous and beautiful all at the same time. Furthermore, she should be treated as the future resident chastity babe queen that she should become. Furthermore, since she has such a wonderful body how about showing it off. Davon Kim has a tongue piercing and maybe you could convince her to get her perky, erect and hardened nipples PIERCED also. I think that a set of matching studs that are small enough to be seen but not large enough to get in the way of her new lifestyle. Yes, a matching set of nipple studs adorning her newly PIERCED nipples would look stunning upon Davon Kim’s wonderful body. Please bring back Davon Kim for some more wonderful looking shoots and please consider a custom made chastity ensemble for such a wonderful Filipina Lady. Nipple PIERCINGS would also be a stunning asset to such a gorgeous Chastity Babe Queen. Thanks for the update and this is a wonderful addition to the previous shoots. Davon Kim is fabulous and look forward to her being DOUBLY PLUGGED with a vibrating set of dildos. Davon Kim is absolutely gorgeously beautiful and look forward to her further transformation into being a TRUE CHASTITY BABE!

  4. Basil Blake says:

    I have a good feeling that the chains will help her to accept her new position as your slave.

    However, I don’t think that it’s a good idea to leave your servant’s boobs unprotected. Educating a submissive sometimes requires punishment. And punishment won’t work if she still has the opportunity to comfort herself by playing with her breasts.

    So, please add a chastity bra as soon as possible… :-)

    • LoveSteel says:

      Fully agree, the boobs urgently need the full protection of a steel bra. Don’t feel sorry for Kim, she is used to it. She is not so innocent as she looks. She can easily handle a full chastity outfit with cuffs, no problem.

  5. Since she’s a housekeeper, why not lock her in some yellow rubber gloves that she has to keep on all the time? Then she’ll really look the part…

    • ThatGuy says:

      It’s not really practical. Not only would that be stupid hot, but it will dehydrate the skin on her hands and forearms.

      • A site that locks women in chastity belts and plugs and you’re talking about practicality?

        • I’ve worn gloves for days on end, though they were satin gloves. I think I got up to four days one time and yes my hands were quite messy. Just like taking the belt off to clean, you can take the gloves off to wash the hands and back on. I do get that rubber gloves might be too much, but satin or cotton gloves can be worn for elongated periods of time. I would at least love to see Davon locked in rubber gloves when she’s cleaning, that’s just common sense!

  6. Michael says:

    While you’re at it, DOUBLE plug Davon! She knows she wants it.

  7. Davon must have been restrained for a photo shoot in straight jacket (see another site) before you managed to ‘capture’ her! I’m sure she could earn more from these activities than being with that hotel.

    You should have made those chains a little shorter so that she is unable to touch the base of the plug!

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