Cobie - special guestCobie was invited by Chrissy and Anahí of to show her chastity belt! The girls were very curious about chastity belts, and they had never seen one in real life! Cobie even got handcuffed, as all guests are always handcuffed at Chrissy’s website! Very funny interview, don’t miss it!

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  1. Chrissy writes: “I was so curious about her chastity belt! It is amazing!! Meeting Cobie was so cool! I love metal things that lock on a body, so I guess I maaaaaaaaaay try this in the future. It’s expensive though :(”

    … Well someone need to drop her a hint as to who and where she needs to visit, then she won’t need to buy one!

  2. if she could only convince the cuff girls to try out a chastity deal

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