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My good friend Natalie is probably one of the few Dutch girls that are really up for anything. She is very open minded, does a lot of nude modelling and webcamming, and she doesn’t mind to be watched or filmed.
They say the first hour is always the hardest. After I left her in the most extreme full chastity to date (chained wrists and ankles, thigh spreader bar, plus the usual full chastity gear), Natalie tried to settle down on her couch to browse the web on her tablet. But she was cold (it wouldn’t be possible to put on clothes for the next 24 hours at least), uncomfortable, and she really needed to get used to all this locked metal very fast or she would never make it. There was quite some money in it for her, but physically it was one of the hardest challenges I have ever set.
Natalie eventually got up from the couch, walking bow legged to her kitchen and back. She was still in her high heels, and she didn’t think she could take them off, but she managed in the end (too bad…). The thigh spreader bar (which was a test and a member request) did not really work as well as I had hoped, sometimes the thigh bands turned and the distance between her legs wasn’t quite as big as it should have been. Next time I need to put two bars between the thigh bands, one in front and one in the back, to keep the thigh bands from turning. It was nice to have the spreader bar chained to the secondary shield though, as this prevents a girl from slipping out of her thigh bands by bending her legs (which creates slack on the side chains).
All in all, Natalie was doing fine (a bit cold and uncomfortable, but nothing serious). It would be interesting to see how she would get on with her day!

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  1. Kinky strappy heels with chains on them and you missed the opportunity to connect them to her ankle cuffs. or add a locking heel strap. They match the rest of the gear so nicely, and make her walk all the more sexy.

  2. wendy id love to see you try this let us see how your doing at it

  3. I love your site. This update looks cool, I like her full chastity gear…

    Besides: Do you plan to make a special update for Donna’s big 100? ;-)

  4. not nice to see a cardigan in front of her body. Also missing to see her walking.

    Please show a smiling, happy girl in an chastitybelt

  5. You’re doing a great job with this website. Especially in catering to everybody’s dreams and fantasies…this is a great update…however, I have to confess that this is not my first choice of an update/deal… Even though, I do like bondage a lot and I also like, I also do have a fetish about chastity… (i.e. the belt is keeping someone from having sex). In this update, however, the chastity belt is not part of a chastity theme…it’s just some aditional bondage gear (like the belts on metalbondage)…. imobilized like this, Natalie will most probably not think …”damn my pussy is all locked up I can’t have sex, oh please master let me out”…it’ll be: “damn, I cannot move, how am i going to walk around, how can I sit comfortably, how am I supposed to breathe normaly with my chest held like this” … these thoughts have nothing to do with chastity… theses are bondage thoughts…

    Still! This update is what a lot of your fans want… and i think, they deserve it ;-)

  6. Replace the chains between the thigh bands and the waist belt with a bar on each side creating a hard point preventing the bands from rotating on the thighs or lowering away from the body regardless of position.

  7. Natalie is unbelievably beautiful. She just has that sexy scowl that I like to see on a belted woman. Please do professional-level photo shoots with this girl instead of just videos.

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