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It’s been a while since we heard from Cobie, but it seems she is doing well! She told me she did a few Challenges and tasks at home, and of course they involved chastity! This girl is one of the world’s most famous Chastity Babes, she owns at least two belts and a lot of accessories!
I was curious about her Challenges and she sent me a video of the task that she was given: cleaning the house in her FancySteel belt and FancySteel matching thigh bands! And not only that, she was locked in leather wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, and a collar that were all padlocked on and chained together. Combined with her high heels, it would be a very tricky Challenge to get her chores done!
Cobie had to make her bed, clean up her makeup desk, organize and fold the laundry, and dust all the rooms. Every time she wanted to reach something higher than her eye level, she pulled on the chain so she had to lift her legs too. She even had to get up on a chair to reach some things! Very dangerous in chains and high heels! But Cobie is used to being chained and belted, and she always manages to get her chores done, no matter how much gear she is locked in to! That’s why I like Cobie so much! She lives for bondage and chastity! She wants to be in chastity, collar, and cuffs ALL the time! I love to watch her walk and have fun in her gear. And when she is in Holland, you can be sure she is in metal 100% of the time! I miss her! Plus the Chastity Mansion could use a good clean :)

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  1. Great content. But I would also love to see some new chastity only videos. Containing a high quality belt (My-Steel, Neosteel …), a great girl (Cobie, Anahi, Donna …) and nothing else. No chains, no cuffs etc. :-)

    Please, dear web master, show us some pure chastity content.

  2. Nice! Cobie is such a gorgeous and beautiful fetish model. Always a delight to see Cobie on this site. It has been TOO LONG! Miss her nipple piercings though but maybe in a future shoot she can try wearing a lair of green elastic castration bands on her perky nipples. Nice!

  3. I’d love to see the shock box in updates like this…It’d make her work faster

  4. When I saw her ironing film I thought about the chance of a pair of handcuffs and one on her arm and the other one around the handle of the iron.

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