chastity belt 

Okay, so chastity belt fitness is not really comfortable in all situations. We thought it was, because some of our babes tested it before. But now we made Vanessa angry because she found out there are some things that are really hard in a chastity belt…

To be honest, we don’t even know why Vanessa keeps coming back. She is one of our most active chastity belt fighters, so why come back and be belted again and again? Is there something like chastity belt addiction? Or chastity curiosity?

Vanessa is supposed to work this giant fitness machine, and for that she needs to sit down. A real problem for poor Vanessa. She can not sit down properly in her belt, although we think that she will learn to sit down if she is chastity trained for a longer period of time. You really have to learn how to sit again, that’s what all our girls have told us. There is not much to it (only patience and training), but Vanessa is not patient and easily frustrated!


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  1. If she needs training, then just don’t give her the key. Leave her in the belt for a weekend or so… then she will get training.

  2. Vanessa, you’re a cry baby. Stop crying and get a workout in. Irma has no problem wearing a chastity belt and working out at the same time. The belt actually improves her workouts. Time to belt Vanessa for a week!

  3. I understand Vanessa! My girl told me, chastity belts with chains are much harder to sit on, than the model with one wire between the buttocks.
    Better another belt, than more sit training.

  4. Tom has it right.Female chastity belts are much better in every way if there is a single band going between the legs,instead of two rear chains.
    The belt fits more snuggly over the vagina,entrance from the rear is prevented,and the outline of the belt is undetectable from th rear.

  5. if she keeps coming back then this is what she deserves.. Let her learn to sit…Its her fault … next time make the chains going between her legs more tight inside, so that she gets trained and learn a lesson !!

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