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In Australia, Cobie is still locked in her own FancySteel belt. She agrees with my theory that all household chores are more fun in chastity and perhaps even some form of bondage. She probably wouldn’t do any chores at all if she wasn’t belted!
Today’s task though, is a monumental one: a LOT of laundry! To be honest, no one really wants to do laundry. Especially ironing can be super boring. A chastity belt makes it a little more exciting, and girls can focus better on their task wearing a belt (it is proven). But it is still such a long and repetitive chore!
Cobie was even locked in Smith & Wesson leg irons for this task, and she sure felt those with every step she took! It is hard to move around in ankle cuffs, but Cobie likes to make things hard for herself. She needs a Challenge, or she wouldn’t do anything at all. And wearing a chastity belt is often not enough for Cobie, as she is so used to her belt.
She reported a few things about this task: first of all she couldn’t really bend over to get the laundry out of the machine, she had to go on her hands and knees. Secondly: standing back up in leg irons really hurts for a moment. And finally: this was a LOT of laundry.
Poor Cobie. I miss her! Let’s hope she will come back to Holland soon so she can do chores in my house! I love seeing her go about her things in her chastity belt!

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  1. Can i do your laundry and ironing for you?? ;)

  2. ChastityLover682 says:

    Love that Cobie is back on the site and love she’s wearing her G-Shock in this update

  3. No girl should be without a French Maid uniform when doing service chores.

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