chastity belt 

Training my chastity doll was not very hard. Chessie Kay will basically do anything to get the key to her belt. I made her wear a spider ring gag and taught her how to sit up. She is such an obedient girl (as long as she believes she will get the key soon).
Further training involved throw and fetch. Chessie’s favorite toy is a suction dildo, and she is incredibly frustrated she can’t use this toy. So to have her fetch it and bring it to me is great, because she will get more and more horny doing that. And even more so when I cuffed her hands behind her back for some blowjob training on that same suction dildo. Chessie really did her best, even using her huge boobs to rub the dildo on the table.
She was such a good chastity doll! The only thing that could be improved is that she asks for the key a bit too much, but I guess that’s just her mind driving her insane. She needs an orgasm, Chessie was built for sex, not for chastity! In the end I just had to give her the reward because she had been such a good girl! She couldn’t wait to take off her belt and use her favorite toy. It was probably the best orgasm she had in a long time!

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  1. This game is so cool. You should do deals like that… not a certsin amout of time but a certain kind of behaviour gets the girl out of the belt

  2. This ja so cool…Thanks you

  3. DonnaFan says:

    Great to see a girl finishing herself after the deal! More of that, please.

    For such a sex addict it would be a good idea to set the goal to be a reduced amount of orgasms first, instead of immediate full chastity. But always too few, to keep her constantly horny… until she learns to cum without touching her pimp at all ;)

  4. Cheesie would be the best slave

  5. Cheesie would be the best slave as the training has already started

  6. Is Chessie a long term member of the team

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