chastity belt 

Kerry was driving me crazy! She just couldn’t stop touching herself. She found out that pushing on the belt made the plug go deeper, which kind of felt good. So since she was bored, she was doing that all day. And then she got herself all horny, and she was unable to go to sleep!
So I needed to find a good solution for this, and locking her wrist cuffs to the sides of the belt wasn’t going to be an option, because it was too hard for her to sleep like that. So I strapped her in this very comfortable open-boob straitjacket, I think it is called a bolero style straitjacket, to make Kerry feel cozy but keep her hands out of the way. She didn’t really say if she liked it, but I guess not, because now she couldn’t touch her belt anymore.
Sleeping was going to be hard anyway, because Kerry had been getting more and more aroused in her belt, and I don’t think it would ever disappear without an orgasm. This was quite a long Deal (with a plug)! She told me the first thing she was going to do after this Deal was to get a vibrator and reward herself. That’s the only thing she could think of.
But Kerry wasn’t miserable or negative at all (like some girls), she was still happy and far too awake. She loves challenges, bondage, and (now) also chastity. There is just no way to wipe the smile off her face, she is a cute young enthusiastic Chastity Babe who will literally take on ANY challenge. That’s why we love her! Good night Kerry!

6 comment(s) to “Kerry – straitjacket”

  1. Open boob stratjacket! How caring from you to leave all chastity gear visible, to remind her what she couldn’t get :b

    Sad that she’s reward will be vibrator. There would be plenty of men willing to pay million$$$ for just to give realease for girl who has been in chastity so long!

  2. maybe you could make her your slave

  3. Kerry might be the one to lock into a belt for full year

  4. please add a plug to her ass so she is double plugged

  5. Chastity lover says:

    Chanllenge have the straitjacket with two plugs in for 72 hours!

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