chastity belt 

Members have been asked for more girls to cross over from, so we simply went to Vanessa’s house and belted her again. Why Vanessa? Because she just hates chastity belts! She is a chastity belt fighter, whenever she is locked into one of these devices, she tries desperately to get it off her hot body.

But there is more: the longer Vanessa fights and struggles, the hotter she gets. She gets really aroused in a belt, and it is actually because she knows she can not play with herself. So the effect gets stronger and stronger! Vanessa can really panick in a belt, but this time she is too sleepy to fully realise she has been belted.

We decide to stay with her for some more time, and in some of the next updates we will show you what she did the rest of the day, wearing her chain style belt that she hates so much. Welcome Vanessa, you are a Chastity Babe now, ready to do as our members request!


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  1. Wow…now that was good. Vanessa has always been my favorite, probably because she fights it so much. She did a great job in this one, too. Most of the girls struggle with the locks…she goes for her pussy, which is a real sign that she’s into it. She really seems to enjoy having that metal locked over it, in that love/hate way that submissives have.

    In my very humble opinion: best update so far.

  2. Eventually Vanessa will stop fighting the belt. She looks like she belongs in a chastity belt every day. Remember from metalbondage Tiffany and Vera? They hated being belted. The more a girl hates chastity, the longer she needs to be locked away!
    Suggested women in desperate need of another chastity belt session:
    1)Tiffany and Vera
    2)Melissa (Submissa)
    3)Tracy and Ashley Bulgari
    4)Hailey and Zoe


    Vanessa is such a lovely Lady to watch on this or any other website. Seeing Vanessa wearing the chastity belt with chains
    is such a most wonderful sight to see. Thank you sweet Vanessa.

  4. I have seen all the videos by now and I also think that this is the best update so far. If this is sleepy Vanessa, I’d love to see the “panic-Vanessa” you desrcribed

  5. Forestier says:

    Nice fight! I love Vanessa!

  6. face it bitch !!!

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