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500 updates!! We made it! I’m so proud that this website still exists, and very thankful for your support in all these years (since February 2011)! I could not have done it without you! Joining the site means donating a little towards the worldwide goal and slogan ‘all females should be locked in a chastity belt, and there are no excuses’. Thank you for that, we locked so many girls in chastity in 500 updates, it is unbelievable!
Of course I will not stop at 500! I will keep going, there is lots more work to be done! Not all girls are in chastity yet, so we must battle on. It is not easy, but we have to do it. I hope you will be with me for the next 500 updates. It’s going to be awesome!
To celebrate, I have invited a very special guest to make her introduction. A real life Chastity Babe, most of you will know her: KittyDenied! She will make exclusive HQ videos for this website, answering all your questions about her chastity lifestyle, and showing girls how to deal with being belted 24/7. Kitty will have tips for keyholders, she will tell you about her routines, and explain everything about the gear she owns.
Kitty has a lot of interesting gear, a lot of unique FancySteel designs for example, but also a lock box with a timer, many plugs and insertables, bondage equipment, corsets and clothing. Being a real life Chasity Babe, she can answer all your questions about the little things she encounters every day, and she can help you (girls) to overcome your doubts. Chastity really is the way to go, and who better to convince and explain this than the one and only KittyDenied. I’m so proud to add her to my list of Chastity Babes! Please welcome her and feel free to ask any questions about her and her lifestyle!

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  1. Michael says:

    Hello Kitty, it’s so nice to have you back where you belong. You’re looking swell, Kitty, I can tell Kitty!

  2. Mike the Director says:

    Welcome Kitty.

    What an eloquent young lady, confident and comfortable in herself and in her confinement.

    It is reassuring to see that she can wear her steel beneath normal “vanilla” clothing and is at ease in answering any questions *IF* her colleagues should notice her “lumps and bumps”.

    Well done Kitty; we hope to see you again some time.


    • KittyDenied says:

      Thank you Mike! It’s and honor to share my chastity experiences here, and I hope to spread the word that all girls should be belted 24/7. :)

      • Michael says:

        Are you always wearing a chastity belt? I hope you’re on Twitter.

        • KittyDenied says:

          I’m belted several days per week -which is far more often than I want to be!!! I find the belt to be very helpful at keeping me on task, which makes me more useful to my key holder (Sir). If left unbelted, I will literally sneak in 4 or 5 orgasms a day … It’s a pretty serious problem that requires some heavy duty restrictions in order to keep me in line. :)

          I do have a twitter (and an instagram) account, but I struggle to find anything I can post, so I almost never update them. Clearly, I’m a little too slutty for those sites, hehe.

          As far as social media goes- I do most of my sharing on tumblr. Thats where I post all my pictures, adventures, and training progress. Thats also a good place for girls to contact me if they have a private chastity question. :)

          • Michael says:

            Good. You need to be belted almost ever day. I bet you become more focused when your fun box is locked away! What is the most comfortable belt you’ve every worn?

            I hope you are in total submission to your keyholder and trust his judgment 100%.

          • KittyDenied says:

            The most comfortable belt I’ve worn is the Fancy steel hybrid belt. I save that one for days when I’m less likely to break the rules since its a little big on me now, and I can kinda reach under it.. hehe But I try not to.

            And yes, I’m in total submission to my key holder. He’s pretty easy to take direction from and he has a fantastic understanding of what motivates me. I’m lucky I have him! :)

  3. You are THE best choice ever for this VERY special update, hope you Will be a regular

  4. I haven’t died or so, but seriously, you guys are no competition. I’m not a “chastitybabe”. I never had your looks and furthermore, I’m not wearing a chastity belt anymore… :-) :D :D Sonnographics indicate it’s going to be a boy. My Mysteel is waiting in a box in the basement ;-)

  5. 500 is a lot! And Chastity Babes have certainly made considerably more females are looking to wear the chastity belt and also taken the step to do it.

    “All females should be locked in a chastity belt, and there are no excuses” –
    is a goal that of course must be reached, so please continue the good work…

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