chastity belt 

Skipping a few installments of Jade’s ordeal (to allow for another important story to start soon), we have arrived at the final episode of her double plugged adventure! Finally, the keys are delivered to her doorstep and she is allowed to take off the belt and get those two 4-ball metal plugs out of her!
Jade is so excited, she is a little uncareful while taking off the belt, causing the anal plug to detach from the belt! This is potentially very dangerous, as the plug does not have a wide base like normal buttplugs. She could easily have lost the entire plug in her ass, and it would be impossible to get out! As it is slipping deeper and deeper, Jade manages to get a towel and get the slippery plug out of her before it’s too late. That was close, don’t try that at home!
You can see how horny Jade must have been, the vaginal plug is almost white and soaking wet! She tries to be sensible and clean the plugs as soon as possible, but when she can not find any soap, she gives up and goes to do the thing that she has been wanting to do for a long time! She rubs her first orgasm out of her pussy in mere seconds! Then she goes for a few more, because she thinks she really deserved it!
She calls the date that she cancelled and quickly makes a new appointment for the night. This guy will be the luckiest guy on the planet!!!

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  1. She made it! She got the money and can laugh all the way to the bank! Congratulations Jade to your first orgasm in a week!

  2. Wonderer says:

    Quite unique challenge, congratulations Jade!

    One thing I wonder, how she managed to manage in toilet with anal plug installed, it keys weren’t available at her?

    • It seems that someone held them locally and made them available only for the type of toilet break that required it and the drop off for final release.

    • anonymous says:

      Read the other updates for this challenge. It states that she had a keyholder that let her out once a day for bathroom duties.

  3. Her reactions are just priceless.

    You a…. You might want to check the belt when you get it back though.

    Her shipping and handling seems a little rough. :)

  4. It’s more than 24 hrs since this update was posted and yet only three comments this far. What’s wrong? Don’t you like this update or are you on hollyday?

    • It is also holiday here in Sweden today thursday (Feast of the Ascension or Dies sanctus ascensionis Domini in latin) and tomorrow friday many people (including my self) are free from work! If you are free from work/school or having a holiday, happy holiday(s) everybody!

  5. Donnafan says:

    I think its just a month where everyone is busy. Holiday or right before holidays and exams and stuff. And i think everyone loved jade she’s awsome hope she will be back for other hard challanges. And i liked the lenght of the clips is usually little longer on the jade updates.

  6. I want to see Japanese girl wear full chastity gear…

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