chastity belt 

The amazingly sexy Candle Boxxx is returning to her hotel room after a loooong stressful day. She is all alone, and she needs to relax to get rid of all this stress. There is only one thing on her mind, so she wastes no time taking off her dress after she gets onto the big cozy bed…
Oh no! She totally forgot about the chastity belt her boyfriend locked onto her this morning! It is a tight fitting chain style chastity belt with dual padlocks! Desperate, Candle Boxxx tugs at the locks that have shackle protectors (against bolt cutters), but there’s no way the belt will come off. Surely she will be able to get out of this belt without those silly little keys? Or maybe she can find a way to satify her needs while wearing the chastity belt?
Candle is so incredibly horny! She rubs her boobs, but unfortunately she can not get any real satisfaction from just that. She needs to touch herself, but the belt is in the way! She tries rubbing the secondary shield, because her pussy lips are protruding from the inner shield’s slot. That doesn’t work either, because she needs to get in a little higher… at an area that is completely blocked by the metal belt!
Our poor girl is getting more and more frustrated as her attempts all seem to fail. The only choice she will have is go to sleep and wait until she sees her boyfriend again. But she is soooo aroused, she will never get any sleep now!!


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  1. Just out of curiosity, have you considered providing the calm unseen voice that declines the pleading of the model on one of your fantasy struggle features. You’ve spoken before in a shoot and I think your calm voice would contrast the more frenetic pleading really well. I know the general idea is the model is talking to the viewer through the camera. This would maybe be a little more voyeur like. It’s also easier to participate in a dialog than perform a monolog. Just a thought. Thank you for making this website. I love your work.

  2. keyholder says:

    another great shoot! Keep this up!

  3. Considering candle’s c4s shop… i could never imagine her NOT being ridiculous…

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