chastity belt 

Hmmm all the keyholders I have contracted so far have made the girls do chores! I guess it is only logical when girls are staying for several days, but I rarely do that. Maybe I’m too nice. The Spanish landlord makes the girls work really hard for their free accommodation, and the Dutch photographer who hosted Melinda made her do ALL the dirty dishes from the week before!
It’s a fine line beteen a Chastity Deal and slave labor I guess, but maybe it is a good idea to put this in the contract, so the girls know what they are up for. Melinda did not mind, she likes to make herself useful, but there are several Chastity Babes who would be shocked if they had to do any chores!
It’s fun to see Melinda work though, she does not even notice her belt anymore. She is fast with the dishes too (including a VERY big knife for unknown reasons). It’s fun to see her so calm and comfortable at this keyholder location. I feel relieved that girls are feeling ok when they are hosted somewhere else. And if they have to work for it, well… I guess that makes the Chastity Deals much less boring for them. Because once you’re locked in, the long wait begins. And having the girls do some work is certainly better than seeing them play with their phones all day!

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  1. If someone can beat the record set by donna, this girl can, it all comes to her so natural, ask her if she is up for that challenge.

    • Only one comment, come on everybody, she deserves better, she is a natural, make her come back!please!!! What about a challenge that she has to have a remote vibrator inside and giving the remote to members of the public, i would love to be the first to press the button.

  2. Stephen Miletus says:

    I dunno. If the girl is in a belt & doing nothing, she’s going to spend a lot of it thinking about the belt & that she can’t get off — which might be what the key holder wants if s/he is going to be sadistic. In that case, include the requirement she must watch a few hours of porn every day. If you aren’t going to be that much of a sadist, then find something to keep her busy; chores are one possibility.

    Maybe give the girl the choice: porn, or chores. I wonder which our chastity babes would prefer…

    And just my opinion, but having to wash last week’s dirty dishes isn’t that cruel.

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