chastity belt 

Meanwhile, Arienh’s Chastity Deal continues and she is being trained as a submissive lifestyle chastity pet. She really wanted this, and now it is her reality! Living as a full time slave, in chastity gear, collared and ready to serve, Arienh has never been happier. She doesn’t have to think, she just does as she is told, which makes her feel very very relaxed. Her body may not be free, but her mind certainly is!
Arienh’s plug regime has been upgraded too, a butt plug has been added, so she is now training her ability to stay double plugged for as long as possible. I decided to put her in the living room, in her cage, on the table. Arienh makes a great display piece don’t you think? Her wrists and ankles are connected to the sides of the cage, so she can not really lie down. I also connected her permanent septum piercing to the cage. This makes her stay in one position, on her knees, ready for inspection. She can not get comfortable at all, but that is the point.
She is just an object in full chastity at this point. Being double plugged makes her very horny, and connecting her nose ring to a little chain gets her in a super submissive state of mind. Arienh doesn’t have much space to move, and her little moans suggest that she is struggling with this kneeling position.
Time for me to sit down on the couch and enjoy the view. I am super happy with my new resident pet slave! As always, if you have any suggestions in mind for Arienh’s next challenges, don’t hesitate to email me! It is not so easy keeping her occupied with new ideas and tasks every day. Also, if you want to come and visit Arienh to see her displayed and plugged, let me know! You really need to see this in real life, she is amazing!

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  1. David Sellmon says:

    Will she keep this white belt forever? I’d love to see a tight, made to measure waist style belt on her!

  2. Arienh looks amazing. Is she allowed to have a controlled orgasm time by time?

  3. NICE! WOW!! Arienh is absolutely fantastically gorgeous, beautiful, sexy and kinky as Hades!!! Love this update and most especially the fetish model Arienh who looks wonderfully gorgeous. Still love the septum piercing in her nose and really would LOVE to see Arienh have her NIPPLES PIERCED with golden NIPPLE STUDS adorning her nice perky and erect nipples. Also, second the request for custom chastity gear be made especially for her with a complimentary color padding matching not only the chastity belt but wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, thigh bands, upper arm bands and her neck collar as well. Another request would be that flat matching chrome colored chains link the chastity belt to the breast and chest harness. Arienh is so wonderful and it is always a pleasure to see her in such great attire. Nice and Thank You webmaster and please keep us fans appraised of Arienh’s progress and mentality as a chastity babe. It Be Wekid !!!!! ~S

  4. IMPRESSIVE! Arienh is so gorgeous and really seems to take a liking to this style of bdsm/fetish work. Got to love her septum piercing and really love her curves and looks. It is interesting that she has a septum piercing but no NIPPLE PIERCINGS? Would like to recommends that such a beautiful woman of sexual fetish and bdsm activity within the chastity belt realm should get her perfect NIPPLES PIERCED!! Yes, matching NIPPLE RINGS PIERCING HER NIPPLES would make for a more intense and visual viewing experience for the fans out here in the wider world. Arienh is such an exquisite creature and would be lovely to see her again sporing some matching NIPPLE RINGS PIERCING HER PEREFECTLY FORMED NIPPLES. Nice !!!

  5. Matthew meuleman says:

    What has happend to her we dont see her any more

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