chastity belt 

The training of Arienh continues. This will be an exciting year for her, as she will learn all the skills and behavior to become a perfect slave. I made her a new cage. It is awesome, because it is a double level cage! This locking cage is big with nice red matresses and there is room for one more girl in the future!
Arienh prefers to sleep in the top cage, but she has tried both of course. Her life in chastity has been quite relaxed so far, it was just about getting used to her belt, bra, and collar. Now cage sleeping is added. And as you can see in the video, she has already received some rules and training. When she is allowed out of her cage, she is usually handed a leash which she has to clip to her nose ring. She then hands the leash to me, so I can control her. Believe me, controlling someone by her nose ring is much more effective than a collar leash! Arienh will definitely listen to me when she is nose leashed!
She also has learned how to kneel properly, and when she is handed a pair of handcuffs, she automatically locks them on her wrists behind her back. It feels like training Arienh is super easy! That’s because she is an absolute submissive, not a brat. She will never fight, argue, or protest. Arienh loves to serve, she loves her chastity gear, and she loves her new sleeping place. I’m very fortunate to have found her. Of course, Arienh is available for custom videos if you like to get one exclusively for yourself, there is not much she won’t do!! ;)


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  1. fantastique! Nose leash is very effective. Especially when hands are cuffed behind the back so she can’t grab the leash. You can virtually lead her everywhere and she will follow smoothly and softly like a trained horse.
    If she’s up for it: spread some Lego bricks over the floor and blindfold her. Then, grab the leash and drag her around. She will scream when she steps into a brick but she will still go the pace you set…
    Next permanent upgrade should be a lockable shock collar – even if she is way to obedient to ever receive a shock

  2. David Sellmon says:

    Where is the heavy collar gone?

    • A heavy collar takes many weeks of training to wear permanently. We will get there!

    • This collar is very similar to another collar Arienh wore in “casting a new slave” and that collar looked much better on Arienh. This is one lovely submissive chastity babe and look forward to seeing many many videos of her training, submission and chastity metal attachments.

  3. I think every slave should always wear high heels

  4. Maybe a hook above the table where she eats to hook the chain up on to get her placed also then?

  5. She looks beautiful especially in chastity. I like her nose chain as well as the new bed. I like her current collar. The heavier casting one will put her in a better headspace.

    I am curious regarding the custom videos you mentioned. How does that work?

  6. NICE!! Arienh is fantastic and absolutely love to see her video updates and pictures on this site. One small point is that the silicon pads on her chastity belt and chastity bra should match, currently it is black and white which do NOT match. Overall, Arienh i wonderfully beautiful and gorgeous and love the septum piercing and really suggest that her NIPPLE BE PIERCED with matching rings or studs to her septum piercing. This dual cage that she is confined in offers some wonderful opportunities for the future and look forward to some more fetish/bdsm updates. NICE!! ~D

  7. you should mark her as your slave with a tattoo of a chastity belt

  8. Love this update! Made me decide to get a nose ring myself after seeing hers, so awesome!

  9. WOW!! Arienh looks amazingly fantastic. REally do love her looks and femininity and most especially love her locked in chastity devices that would restrict her plesures from being satisfied. Arienh does need to have matching wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs to complete her ensemble. Thanks webmaster for bringing Arienh back and giving her a place to stay overnight. Are insertable and vibratory dildos planned for her future to give her some entertainment in the future? ~S

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