chastity belt 

One of the most important things for my new slave to learn is to deal with long term bondage. Modern girls are not used to waiting for more than 2 minutes, always on their phones, always checking what is happening. Arienh needs to learn patience. She can not have everything she wants anymore, some things are completely forbidden (like masturbation) and some things (like her phone) she can only have at my discretion, when she has been a really good girl.
Arienh is a natural submissive, she can enter a state of mind where she is completely relaxed and will wait for commands. She will do as she is told and that is great! As the resident slave, she will have to do many assigments, tasks, challenges, meet&greets (let me know if you want to meet her!), and she will have to endure a lot of waiting and bondage.
To get her used to her new role, she will be chained by her collar most of the week. And it is a heavy collar! Arienh clearly needs to get used to it, but she will manage. It’s nice to see how she removes her clothes without me telling her to, so she is completely naked and chained to the wall.
Arienh is the most promising resident slave I have ever had, she is getting settled in nicely. We are ready to receive your member requests for her! Email to let me know what you would like to see Arienh do, or if you would like to meet her! Let’s challenge her, she loves it!!


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  1. why not have one of her nipples pierced a la sophie, she could then have a custom tag to show who is her master!

  2. David Sellmon says:

    Is sleeping in this collar going well?

  3. NICE! Thanks! Arienh is an absolute dream cum true! Arienh is gorgeously stunning in this shoot and LOVE the video as well. Really must second the previous posts comments that Arienh should have her beautiful NIPPLES PIERCED. Would also like to see Arienh wearing some upper arm bands as well as thigh bands that would match and for further restraining and submission have the whole chastity ensemble linked together with the flat chains and secured with additional locks. Arienh looks wonderful and just have to ask if she is aware of the requests to get her NIPPLES PIERCED? Arienh would be PERFECTLY PERFECT with PIERCED NIPPLES adorning her fabulous body and would further re-inforce her submission to be a TRUE CHASTITY BABE. Thanks to the webmaster and to the lovely Arienh for such wonderful adult entertainment. ~S

  4. Arienh also had a beautiful bra. Where is it? Put it on her, she is worth it.

    • It will be locked on soon (and it will stay on for a long time!).

      • I think she will need to get used to the collar and yes, as one already wrote, she needs the bra and thigh bands and steel heels, cuffs with chains.

        The whole set.

        She should become the Studio French Maid with petticoat and all.

      • Now we are talking webmaster. Such a lucky girl Arienh with a belt, bra, and collar. This should be the basic outfit for every girl. Love it. Looking forward to see the challenges.

  5. You should chain her using her nose piercing. That would be so hot.

  6. Good work protecting her from masturbation. Would like to see a lot more on that theme.

  7. Great update! She looks kinky and I hope we get to see her submissive side blossom!

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