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Yes, I finally have a new slave again! Great news: Arienh signed her contract! She will be in training as my new slave from now on. After losing Davon Kim to the immigration law enforcers, I really missed having a slave girl around. Nothing is more beautiful than a true submissive in a belt and collar, ready for training whenever I want.
It only took one Casting for Arienh to decide. This is what she needs. She needs a belt, she needs a collar, and she needs a lot of training. Bondage, plugs, vibrators, gags, clamps, she wants to learn about it all. Arienh wants to live a submissive lifestyle, she wants to sleep in a cage, and be told what to do and what to eat. She does not want to decide things. Someone should hold the keys to her belt and restraints, so she can be free in her mind!
It is hard to understand why some girls want this lifestyle, but there are plenty of them! It helps them focus, find a purpose in their life. They want to serve and submit. Arienh came to me because she loves chastity belts. But there is a lot more she loves, and she is ready to explore! Let me know if you want to help with her training: you can give her tasks or think of evil challenges. Arienh will do as I tell her, her contract does not state any limits.
She is giving up her normal life by signing the contract. She locks herself in her collar, belt and bra, and she is ready for her new life as the resident slave girl!! So beautiful!


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  1. Jacob Brunt says:

    Great Update, glad to hear we will see more of her!
    I especially like the photos where she wears her watch, such a pity she took it off half-way!

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Perhaps this is possible, insert a remote vibrator in her belt, then place her next to Any car, than she asks Any guy, the remote of the central locking system does not Work, can you try?, she is blond, Any guy will help.

  3. I really miss Davon Kim (aka Danika Flores). Isn’t there any way to get her back?

  4. Wouldn´t it be better, if she get Davons heavy collar? I really love this kind of collar^^

  5. NICE!! Always a pleasure to see the gorgeous and beautiful Arienh on this site and especially locked into a chastity belt and a chastity bra. Please bring her back for some more shoots. Also, would love to see Arienh get her NIPPLES PIERCED with some matching studs to her navel piercing. Arienh is absolutely fantastically lovely and is so sexy and feminine with a chastity belt and bra locked onto her body.

    P.S. Webmaster, sorry to hear about the gorgeous DAVON KIM being deported. I thought the netherlands was supposed to be so welcoming and open minded?

  6. Chastity Prisoner says:

    Such a beautiful slave, I’m jealous!
    Perhaps you can make her wear a real tightlacing corset to accentuate her perfect hourglass shape. Bonus would be that she couldn’t eat much, so she wouldn’t have to diet in januari like all the other women :D.

  7. So beautiful.. Yes she is, and tall. Still, keep her in high heels. All the time.

    That nose ring stimulates my imagination.. Rings and piercings should always be used, no matter are they in collar, in nose, or wherever! Maybe a one bar prison + nose chain? And how about piercing her nipples, too?!

  8. I guess we expect a lot of her.

    Like the office French maid in a cute petticoat uniform with full chastity, cuffs, locking heels etc.

    Like the true servant girl. Needy and edging, but cute and elegant.

  9. Hello, is it possible to read the contents of the contract?

  10. David Sellmon says:

    Pleaaase replace the belt at some point with a tight, custom made waist-style belt, they look so much more enclosing!

  11. LoveSteel says:

    Great to have Arienh. But we haven’t heard from Anahi a long time. Do we have two full chastity girls now? That would be really great.

  12. Couldn’t you get Arienh a bra and collar and restraints the same color as the belt?

  13. NICE!! Arienh is so fantastic. Lovely and beautiful at the same time and really looks wonderful in the chastity belt wrapped around her body. Strongly recommend that Arienh receive and have her lock the wrist cuffs and the ankle cuffs as well as the linking chains to restrict her mobility even more. Arienh is great and the septum piercing looks nice as well but she should get her perfect NIPPLES PIERCED as well and have a chain linking her piercings adorning her gorgeous body. It be great!

  14. Arienh is a great submissive. I bet you will enjoy her around the office. Is there a schedule for another update with her in the near future?

  15. If I may ask; how long is the contract for? I love this site btw

  16. Hi,

    I think she should be kept on the edge as permanently as possibe. Once you were buzzin Tina Kay repetedly for two days and even left her with vibe on low once. I feel, that this should be the norm.

    Also, she should get use to having a gag when ever her mouth is not needed for eating or sucking.

    Maybe lock on almost 24/7 a pair of locking high heels.

    I also love you having a new slave, so many possibilities!

  17. Awesome! Thanks!

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