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As most of you probably already know, the legendary Access Denied chastity belts are back! The iconic belts were only produced for a very short time between 1997 and 2001, till the original designer passed away.
But a new company (ChastityCo) is now producing this belt again, with permission of the designer’s family, trying to keep the belts true to the original designs. A few changes were made, like the locking system, but all features and the look has been preserved. You probably remember this look from the famous Erik Kroll images! The broad front shield is something that I have always liked, because it is a lot more secure! The belt lies very flat against the belly, leaving no room for prying fingers.
Of course, I need to get a few of those belts to add to my collection. I’m pleased to announce that I will soon receive some of these iconic belts and I will be locking girls into them very soon! I will give you an honest review of the belts, but so far I like what I see.
To show you what the belts look like and how they fit, I have received a promo video from ChastityCo, featuring Australian model Carmen Isaak! It’s great to see the belts in motion, so you can study how well Carmen can move and what the belt looks like on her. The high security radial locks look great and ultra secure, the belts look shiny and of a nice quality steel, while still comfortable. I can’t wait to receive my own Access Denied belts and start testing them. Let’s hope they are suitable for Chastity Deals, because I would love to see a girl in these belts for a long time, unable to touch herself!
Want to get your own Access Denied belt? They have female AND male belts, with many accessories! Check out the ChastityCo website here!

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  1. Michael says:

    Is Access Denied the tightest belt ever made? Carmen’s belt looks extremely tight and there’s no way she can get a finger underneath the belt, as it should be.

  2. I would like to wear that male belt for a long time deal.
    It could be fun and frustrating

  3. Nice to see this nice classic chastity belt made again and hope there will be some updates with girls wearing them.
    Always fine with no room for prying fingers!

  4. all a girl has to do is move the RUBBER from the her vagina and she can easily touch herself. the vaginal metal is to narrow.

    • That’s incorrect. The black part is not rubber, it is coated metal. Maybe that is not really clear yet, but I hope to explain it in future videos.

  5. The Access Denied design is essentially an improvement on the Tollyboy design from the 80s. The AD belts were lighter and sleeker, and more comfortable.

    For a female belt, they were the all time classic. The ChastityCo design updates are wonderful, they make a great product even better.

    Really, the belt is a work of art, and the model Carmen is a living sculpture. All I can say is, beautiful.

    Hopefully, the comfort of the belt will encourage a model to do a long term commitment, and really be pushed to the extent of her emotional limits. We saw Natalia Forrest in tears a while back, I would love to see Little Caprice reach that barrier as well.

    There is a big difference between seeing the girls lounge in bondage gear, and interacting with a living struggle of emotions, confinement, and orgasm denial. I say supervised freedom during the day, but a collar, leash, and mittens at night.

  6. Pilín Omar Catrasca says:

    Como dijo Tom, sería interesante probar la versión masculina de este cinturón.
    Prácticamente estoy en castidad desde el 18-05-2009 y siempre (tanto a AmigAma como a mí) quisimos probarlo, pero a Argentina es muy difícil que lleguen; y los que llegan no tienen las medidas adecuadas o son de mala calidad (ya que se rompen con el uso. Por eso los que uso en la realidad son todos caseros y casi para usar 24/7.

    Tom dice:
    15 de julio de 2017 a las 7:04 p.m.
    Es bueno ver este hermoso cinturón de castidad clásico hecho nuevamente y espero que haya algunas actualizaciones con chicas que los usen.
    ¡Siempre bien sin espacio para dedos curiosos!

  7. i am male,i want wear this cbt,who mistress can help me.

  8. i am male.i want have pne mistress lock up this cbt tome.

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