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When Davon Kim was sent back to the Philippines, I lost my pet slave girl. A girl I could keep in chastity, with plugs, gags, bondage, collar, cages, and much more! Davon wanted to live as a pet slave in chastity gear (or at least she pretended she wanted it, to be able to stay in Holland).
Most girls that want to do a Chastity Deal here are only over for a short period of time. They are just in it for the money, or they have an owner who loves to see them in chastity. But I missed having my own pet slave girl! A number of candidates have emailed me, but none of them were very serious or couldn’t take much time off from their busy personal lives. Until I received an email from tiny real life submissive Arienh, a Dutch girl who lives not too far from me! She is super kinky! Arienh wants to live in chains and metal, she wants to be controlled. She even experimented with her own (cheap) chastity belt at home.

Arienh's nose ring, which can only be taken out with a specialist piercing tool.

Arienh’s permanent nose ring, great for evil bondage predicaments!

It took her a lot of courage to email me, but she did. I invited her for a Casting of course, and wow is she tiny (and a bit shy). The white My-Steel hip belt was a perfect fit for her. Arienh looks amazing in a belt and collar. And there is another awesome detail about her: she has a permanently installed nose ring! Lots of bondage possibilities there, it is easy to lock a chain to her nose ring and keep her in place. No cage needed! Although she loves cages, so she probably will sleep in one.
Arienh seems like a perfect candidate to be the next (semi)permanent pet slave in chastity. She is still very shy but there are lots of possibilities and her interests and limits are very promising. Let’s hope I can officially make her sign a contract to become this website’s next chastity pet slave!


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  1. She likes to be controlled? Control her arousal!

    Waiting the results with high anticipation.. Especially how she will handle continued arousal…

  2. How does her permanently installed nose ring work?

  3. is your knew slave there for good if yes you should mark her as yours

  4. NICE!! Arienh looks exceptionally NICE in the chastity belt and most especially love the permanently installed nose ring. NICE!! One must ask a question regarding the collar around her neck though. That seems to be a very unique collar and it fits her very well. Arienh looks wonderful in her outfit on this site and definitely try to bring her back for some more. The possibilities are endless with such a beautifully gorgeous and kinky Lady. CHEERS!!

    P.S. You mentioned Davon Kim in this post. Davon was wonderful and is there any chance of bringing her back on site for some subsequent shoots. Davon Kim was ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS in her chastity predicaments. ;}}

  5. Arienh is wonderful. Love to see such naturally submissive women who want to expand their horizons and delve into the Kinky world of chastity bdsm / fetish. Please webmaster bring her back for some more adventures. Really like the pierced septum with the permanent golden ring. May I recommend that Arienh get her NIPPLES PIERCED with matching golden rings and if she has a master or mistress with they grant her permission to have her NIPPLES PIERCED? Must add that Arienh’s collar looks great on her neck as well. Is it permanently locked as well ? One can only hope to further impart upon Arienh’s psyche the submissive view necessary for this site. Thanks!!

    Dear Webmaster, any chance of getting Davon Kim back on this site for a brief return visit ? One can only wish!!

  6. WOW!! Arienh is fantastic and absolutely gorgeous! Got to love her pouty expressions and she looks amazingly fantastic locked into her chastity belt with the double plugs. Would like to see you add in a vibratory plug that can give her some comfort to occupy her feelings in the most sensitive areas. Arienh is so sexy and wonderful as a submissive lady in chastity. Strongly suggest that some additional fetish/bdsm items be recommended to induce some additional feelings of submission as in some nipple attachments like green elastic castration bands to heighten her awareness of her nipples maybe. Maybe please pass on to Arienh that she would be outstandingly sexy and gorgeous with PIERCED NIPPLES!! Just a suggestion that Arienh is so SEXY!! LOVE LADIES WITH PIERCINGS AND MOST ESPECIALLY NIPPLES PIERCED WITH STUDS OR RINGS !!!!

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