chastity belt 

This Fantasy scenario was sent in by a member and I loved shooting this story with local model Natalie! Thank you so much for the script!

Natalie wakes up in a padded cell, strapped in an open-boob straitjacket! She appears to have been locked in a chastity belt too. Confused, Natalie struggles a little but her arms are strapped around her, and she can’t figure out how to escape or what to do. She doesn’t even know why someone would do this to her! She feels so vulnerable, even though she is wearing a tight chastity belt, the straitjacket leaves her boobs unprotected and she is completely defenseless.
Some time later, Natalie wakes up again. She must have fallen asleep! A chain with a key is now around her neck. This is even more frustrating, because she can’t do anything with this key with her arms strapped in the straitjacket. Natalie struggles for a while and she starts noticing this straitjacket is not of a very high quality. Maybe if she tries really hard, she can struggle her way out of it.
Eventualy she makes it out of the jacket. Natalie smiles, she is happy she will escape soon. But she has been tricked it seems… the key is not the key to her belt, it was just to give her some false hope and (again) make her even more frustrated! Desperate, she keeps trying the key, even on the secondary padlock, but it really isn’t the correct key. It has all been a setup, to get her more frustrated in subtle stages. Well, it worked! Now she is in a padded cell wearing nothing but a chastity belt! She wants to touch herself so bad!


4 comment(s) to “Natalie – padded cell”

  1. DonnaFan says:

    During her sleep Iwould have added unremovable nipple clamps instead of key ;)

    • If you are a member, please do not hesitate to send in your own requests! That’s the only way to make sure you get to see exactly what you would like to see!

      • I am a huge fan of Nipple clamps. Especially the Japanese clover clamps. i would love to see you incorporate these into your challenges for girls in chastity. I like challenges where you give the girl a key but first make her put on nipple clamps and then hand cuffs BEFORE she gets the key. I also am a big fan of your double plug challenges. you do a great job of that.
        I am a fan of your assistant A. too. What can we do to see her in more challenges?

  2. And YES i am a member so I hope you will consider my request.

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