chastity belt 

The girls, now locked in metal bondage, were told they had to hang the laundry now, but they were allowed a quick break (a drink and a smoke). The sun was unbelievably hot, and it’s not easy wearing this much metal! While Rija is a little bit used to being in a belt, the other two girls were quite new to this, and they had a bit more trouble moving around.
A smoke break in metal bondage is not easy, but maybe it shouldn’t be, as smoking is bad for you anyway. Muriel was in the worst predicament, being locked in the stocks she couldn’t even reach her mouth with her hands. Rija could JUST reach, with her wrists chained to the sides of her belt she was still able to smoke a cigarette. Ironically, the only girl that didn’t smoke was Nova, she was locked in a heavy spreader bar but she would have been easily able to hold a cigarette.
After their little break, the girls got to work hanging the laundry, which was also a lot harder than they expected. They had to cooperate to get the clothes on the line and secure them with clothes pegs (of course, they couldn’t resist trying the pegs on each others bare nipples). With some team effort, they managed to hang all the clothes and they went off to their next chore. Of course, they wouldn’t be in metal bondage all the time (just chastity belts), but I think the landlord had way too much fun to let them out already.
Don’t be afraid if you would like to come on our next Chastity Holiday though, these kinds of challenges are short and fun, the only thing that will be required is to be locked in a belt for the entire holiday (cleaning breaks will be provided). So if you are a fun girl and you’d like to have a free holiday in Spain next year, don’t hesitate to apply now!


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  1. Ladies, if you enjoy wearing a chastity belt you know where to be. The chastity belt is your ticket to fun.

  2. Rija, the naughty. Muriel, the cute. But I really need to compliment Nova, this breast press really suits you!!

  3. There will be no panties on this clothesline! ;)

  4. Smoking cigarettes. So disgusting and unsexy.

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