chastity belt 

The NetherlandsSome more training for gorgeous Sophie. She wants to feel what it is like to be a slave girl in chastity! Wearing her beautiful lingerie and stockings, she is chained to the bed to show us what she has learnt so far.
Sophie can already do a few slave positions by herself, so that’s a very good start. Bear in mind, she is a fashion model, and quite new to all this, so she still has a lot to learn! The first position is her default (or it should be): folding her arms behind her back. She is on her knees of course, and Sophie looks a bit nervous and excited at the same time. She is so gorgeous in her chastity belt!
The other position I have taught her is to be on all fours. A great position for a pet chastity slave, especially a fashion model pet. Amazingly, Sophie is not the first high fashion model on the site (remember Sylvie?). Now, before you say ‘you should do a catwalk show with chastity models!’… that’s already done! Check out the Catwalk Practise category for all updates on the catwalk!
I want to keep Sophie as a pet. But I already have Davon, so I will let her go for now. She will be back of course, and you can send in suggestions for further training. She loves bondage, restraints, tightness, and being told what to do! I’m sure you will come up with some great ideas for this beauty!


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  1. Girl not too bad: i like that girl. there are not slave for master but we ara all slave of a nice girl.

  2. learning well what’s expected of her when here…

  3. You should have her learn all of the Gorean slave positions.

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