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The NetherlandsBeautiful Sophie is available for member requests and custom shoots, because she is from Holland and eager to learn more about chastity and bondage challenges! Well, one of you (members) has requested a bit more training for Sophie, a little harder and more challenging than she has ever done!
A bondage training for Sophie… I wasn’t sure about that, but Sophie was very happy to hear someone had sent in a member request for her! So here she is: locked in her chain style NeoSteel belt, chained to the wall by her collar, and her hands crossed and locked to the belt behind her back. A perfect submissive position for our dear Sophie! She is so tall and so gorgeous (and even more gorgeous in metal gear)!
A large horse bit gag is added and Sophie can only wait, nervous about what is next, standing there like a slave pet chained to the wall. The next and final addition is a pair of incredibly harsh nipple clamps (Japanese clover clamps), and Sophie can do nothing to stop me. Her hands are securely locked to her belt. Poor Sophie, her expression tells us everything we need to know about those clamps, that is very very hard for her!
But hey, it’s a member request and we have to do this! I’m sure the member who requested this is going to be very happy with this shoot, and I think more people will enjoy this too! Let me know if you like these kinds of shoots, or maybe you have your own member request for one of the resident models (Davon, Anahi)? Just send it in and it will get done!


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  1. I love when girls wear handcuffs behind their backs. Something so hot about being helpless turns me on. The Neosteel belt is an absolute beauty. Beautiful, tight, and hopefully a comfortable belt to wear.

    Let your paid customers decide how tough to be on the babes. Just pay the babes well and the belting and handcuffs will be worth it. Every time.

  2. Wow, she’s gorgeous, and definitely needs something of a challenge. Maybe a plug or two ? Maybe that “one-bar prison” that you use on Metal Bondage… has anyone ever tried that anally ?
    In any event, Sophie is beautiful and especially so in her belt and cuffs… and the nipple clamps are especially nice.
    Definitely a “meet and greet” candidate, I hope !

  3. You have a great webpage. One would not get here just being kink, but has to be a corgeous, too.

    And definately Sophie is! Love that horse cag.

  4. I absolutely love the bondage position of having the wrists crossed behind the back (as in a straitjacket but with the arms behind) and securely locked to something rigid, pretty much as rigid as a chastity belt. I think it adds a lot to the frustration of the model and it does feel like she is more helpless although she is still protected by the belt!

  5. smile for the camera

  6. Sophie is one of the cutest models of your website. She should wear a pair of thigh bands with a short chain between them for a complete day or maybe two. We could follow her through the day to see how she handles this.

  7. I too was delighted to see such a beautiful bondage position not many girls are lock in; hands cuffed to the belt but behind the back and crossed. It is a very sexy position. So ironically, her chastity belt is contributing to her helplessness (as her cuffs are chained to her belt) but on the other hand protecting her from anyone who might have wanted to try and take advantage of her having her arms immobilised.

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