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English dialogueAs a bonus update, here is part 2 of WendyWarrior’s home video in her My-Steel belt and bra, and her custom heavy collar.
Learn all about wearing chastity gear in public, 24/7 wear, exercising and sports, and especially maintenance and cleaning! This is a very interesting video for anyone who is thinking about going into 24/7 chastity! Wendy will explain everything to you, and if you have any further questions, I’m sure she will answer your comment with the speed of light!

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  1. Basil Blake says:

    Thank you for this great update, dear Wendy.

    I will watch it together with my cousin, since she still has troubles with the idea of reducing her breaks and wearing a chastity bra.

    She will come in tonight for a supervised cleaning break… A perfect occasion to watch your chastity guide. Thanks again! :-)

    • WendyWarrior says:

      Please: if she is afraid of wearing a My-Steel chastity bra: show her my swim. If she still believes the weight is a problem, spank her of me.

      About breaks: I didn’t show my cleaning breaks here, I could do a part 3 about cleaning the belt, how I do my cleaning breaks, … but I think this is useless to show this. I have better ideas for the next updates.
      About cleaning the belt: I use a sponge and soap. Rinse with water and the belt is clean.
      About cleaning breaks: being shaved and soaped is enough. I rarely spend more than 20 min for a cleaning break.
      Warning: no hot water on My-Steel items! hot water can damage the glue.

  2. OhPleaseSir says:

    Thanks for the update Wendy- I have noticed you are wearing your metal cat ears in almost every shot – are they part of your collar and/or do you wear them in daily life?

    • WendyWarrior says:

      Thanks for your comment =^.^=

      Indeed I almost always wear cat ears (except for courses, work and swim). They are not part of my chastity armor, just I like cats =^.^=
      I have other cat ears I wear, according to how I am dressed. Maybe you will see them later, here or elsewhere =^.^=

  3. roadie12 says:

    for Wendy Warrior battle goes on… currently it’s a draw

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