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English dialogueAs a bonus update, here is part 2 of WendyWarrior’s home video in her My-Steel belt and bra, and her custom heavy collar.
Learn all about wearing chastity gear in public, 24/7 wear, exercising and sports, and especially maintenance and cleaning! This is a very interesting video for anyone who is thinking about going into 24/7 chastity! Wendy will explain everything to you, and if you have any further questions, I’m sure she will answer your comment with the speed of light!

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  1. Basil Blake says:

    Thank you for this great update, dear Wendy.

    I will watch it together with my cousin, since she still has troubles with the idea of reducing her breaks and wearing a chastity bra.

    She will come in tonight for a supervised cleaning break… A perfect occasion to watch your chastity guide. Thanks again! :-)

    • WendyWarrior says:

      Please: if she is afraid of wearing a My-Steel chastity bra: show her my swim. If she still believes the weight is a problem, spank her of me.

      About breaks: I didn’t show my cleaning breaks here, I could do a part 3 about cleaning the belt, how I do my cleaning breaks, … but I think this is useless to show this. I have better ideas for the next updates.
      About cleaning the belt: I use a sponge and soap. Rinse with water and the belt is clean.
      About cleaning breaks: being shaved and soaped is enough. I rarely spend more than 20 min for a cleaning break.
      Warning: no hot water on My-Steel items! hot water can damage the glue.

  2. OhPleaseSir says:

    Thanks for the update Wendy- I have noticed you are wearing your metal cat ears in almost every shot – are they part of your collar and/or do you wear them in daily life?

    • WendyWarrior says:

      Thanks for your comment =^.^=

      Indeed I almost always wear cat ears (except for courses, work and swim). They are not part of my chastity armor, just I like cats =^.^=
      I have other cat ears I wear, according to how I am dressed. Maybe you will see them later, here or elsewhere =^.^=

  3. roadie12 says:

    for Wendy Warrior battle goes on… currently it’s a draw

  4. Am I the only one here who’s not going completely crazy? That’s a man you guys are posting!

    Why are you posting males on a website for female only content?

  5. Kristen Wa says:

    Are there any challenges associated with being transgender and in female chastity that women may not face? I assume that you can wear for much more extended time due to no periods or discharge, but wonder if there are any negatives as well

    Nice update, hope to see more

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