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English dialogueProbably the biggest fan of this website, WendyWarrior from France, has always promised in her comments to appear on this website when she felt the time was right. I met her at BoundCon for the first time in real life, and she made quite an impression. She is really tightly belted in her My-Steel gear, and she wears the custom (triple weight) slave collar I had made for Donna almost all the time. WendyWarrior purchased this collar after Donna offered it up for sale when she finished her most recent Deal.
Before she acquired her My-Steel gear (pink of course), WendyWarrior was belted in Chinese copies of this gear. This can be recommended for anyone who is not sure about chastity yet. It is a cheap way to try it and the belts and bras are quite good for the price. Of course, nothing beats a custom made belt, and if you are thinking about 24/7 chastity, you should always get a custom made high end belt.
I am getting so many questions about this, and also about measuring, cleaning, and other practical issues, I asked WendyWarrior to do a video in which she explains everything about getting a new belt and bra, measuring, locking, maintenance, and more! This will answer a lot of questions in my inbox and it is very educational. Wendy really knows what issues you should pay attention to when ordering a belt!
This is part 1 of her explanation, the second part will follow soon! Enjoy, and if you have any questions: just post them in the comments, I am sure WendyWarrior will answer them in no time!

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  1. Please just call it a knockoff. Don’t want to hear that country by name

  2. roadie12 says:

    a how-to video worth watching surely…

  3. This update shows well, that chastity is not just a fetish of men. Women, like wendy, can practice and enjoy it, too.

    As Wendy is not a model at her background, she’s updates might need some direction to make them look more visually polished – but the practical value of her experience in chastity is priceless! Hope it encourages more women to give chastity a try.

    PS. Where’s KIM?!

    • WendyWarrior says:

      Hi, and thanks for your postive comments =^.^=

      I am not a professional model, I don’t have the best camera to film, but if you have advice to help me, feel free to give them =^.^=

      I am often told chastity belts are heavy, there are problems with hygiene, and so on. The main problem is: lack of knowledge about chastity belts.

  4. Soontobebeltedcouples says:

    Bravo Wendy….we are still waiting for our belts, but your tutorial has been extremely helpful. Congrats on becoming a Chastity Babe.

    • WendyWarrior says:

      Meow =^.^=
      Thanks =^.^=

      Stay tuned for the 2nd part! In this 1st part I only explained how to measure and adjust my belts and bras. In the 2nd part I will share my feelings and explain about hygiene. It can be very useful for you =^.^=

    • Soontobebeltedcouples says:

      We look forward to part 2 and your experience. We’re about to start training, wearing our belts but holding our own keys while apart during the week. Eventually we will exchange keys this summer but you and the webmaster have been especially helpful.

  5. She is cute and real. Like it a lot Please be yourself Wendy and don’t act too much, you are cute enough as is. I hope webmaster puts you in some predicaments because you seem way to comfortable. I think a good mouth soaping if you are bratty again would not be out of place :-)

  6. The motivation for wearing a chastity belt is different for everyone. It´s a good idea to show people how is the right way to do things, Althogh there is always a big difference between reality and fantasy. I admire you being proud of showing us how is this for you. Good job WendyWarrior.

  7. WendyWarrior says:

    I wonder if you will add the prenium belts on your “chastity belts” page (NeoSteel, My-Steel, FancySteel, …).

  8. I can’t understand what you said at 11:51

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