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English dialogueAs was proven many times before on this website, it is possible to get a good workout in chastity, even with a vaginal plug. Swimming in chastity was also tested, but never before with a plug. Our dear WendyWarrior, probably the biggest fan of this website, decided to film her swim in her My-Steel chastity belt, chastity bra, and heavy collar-plug to try this.

“Everyone believes my armor is too heavy to swim. Yes, my armor is heavy (3 kg), and the weight makes the swim harder. But not enough to drown. Besides, I have never seen anyone swimming plugged on this website, so I wanted to do this myself. I already swam with this belt, this collar and my old bra, but the My-Steel bra I was wearing is really heavy and tight, and the plug aroused me a lot. I was out of breath after 4 lengths. But if you want me to do this again, I will.”

The video was shot without breaks to show she actually swam with her plug inside her. She was in a public swimming pool in France, shot by her best friend (who is her keyholder too, by the way), so a swimsuit hiding the belt and bra was compulsory.
The video was previously hosted on Youtube and it got deleted (of course), so WendyWarrior shot it again in HD and sent it to me to host it as a member bonus. Wendy also let us know there were no issues with water and rust. It is all stainless steel and she cleaned the belt and herself very carefully. It’s a great day: girls do not have any excuse now to take off their chastity belts when they want to go for a swim! 24/7 is always possible, and this website will continue to prove that!

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  1. WendyWarrior says:

    Thanks a million for hosting my video =^.^=

    • High Command says:

      Great to see it back up! Hope to see more videos Wendy!

      • traumaemt says:


        I have seen the video’s before they were removed from YT. I have to say that you did a great job on the swim, and with all of the chastity gear/collar/plug!

        I am glad that you were able to post it here, so that it can be kept for all times!

        Well done!

  2. Young Engineer says:

    Wendy!!! Nice Congratulations. You finally made it!! Good for you.

  3. Soontobebeltedcouple says:

    Well done Wendy…..have fun at bound.

  4. LoveSteel says:

    Well done Wendy! I love every bit of this. This is the right outfit for everything in life. Love you!

  5. WendyWarrior says:

    Thank you everyone =^.^=
    I hope I will do more for you =^.^=

  6. smash363636 says:

    So glad to see this video back up. congratulations WendyWarrior you finally made it on Chastity babes. hope to see more videos from you! see there really no excuse for women that they cant do anting in there belt, webmaster you have proven this with all the girls you have had on here from riding horses to now wendy swimming fully belted and plugged! keep up the great work

  7. Soontobebeltedcouple says:

    Anything is possible while being belted…..but has anyone tried playing golf? Pam and I just got back from playing 9 at our local muni. Swinging the club properly takes a lot of components of the body including a thrust of the hips driving through the ball. Thoughts?

    • WendyWarrior says:

      Webmaster, if you know someone who plays golf, you know what to do…
      (personally, I bet there will be no problems: while swimming or playing hula hoop, the whole body moves, and I wasn’t hurt at all, only aroused by this plug)

    • Mike the Director says:

      Perhaps you could take a run to the local driving range.

      I hesitate to use the phrase “a bucket of balls”, but the two of you will be able to find out, quite quickly, whether belted golf is feasible.

      Just remind your wife that she may need small weights in the hem of her skirt to prevent any unexpected displays if she is playing on a windy day. Or does she play gold in trousers?

      Good for you – go forth and play!

    • Soontobebeltedcoupleshe says:

      Either or depending on the weather but that’s not a real concern. It was more an issue of mobility as we don’t want to change any of our activities.

  8. Thank you Webmaster! And thank you Wendy! This video lasted for such a short time on youtube, but received so much attention, that it was definitely worth saving. And now to have it on the leading chastity site… awesome!

    Good job Wendy! I hope we’ll get to see more of you in the future.

    • WendyWarrior says:

      If I remeber well: between 2 500 and 3 000 views in 5 days (before blocking). So I asked the webmaster if he wanted this: he accepted but it would be better in HD. And then: this update.
      This is great to see such a positive feedback! thanks again everyone, and I hope this update won’t be my last =^.^=

  9. OhPleaseSir says:

    Well done! Now that you have demonstrated that it is possible to swim in full chastity and with a plug, how about demonstrating that it is possible to live 24/7 the same way for the long term. Perhaps a month… or three… in belt, plug, bra and collar. That would surely be worthy of a full deal on this site. I would certainly love to see it!

    • Don’t forget to take cleaning breaks, I can’t stress enough how are very important those are.

      As for the duration, that’s completely up to you Wendy. I don’t think you want do trust the fans with your keys as Amarantha LaBlanche did. There’s no telling how long they’d drag it out. Your such a good fan a star here…I’d hate to see anything spoil either of those.

      • She will take cleaning breaks, but I don’t know if we can trust her during those breaks ;-) Stay tuned for Friday’s update to see what I mean!

      • WendyWarrior says:

        I prefer having a fixed duration. I know if I give you my keys, I will stay locked until my death…
        I know how important cleaning breaks are… especially with a big plug!

        • If that was directed at the other fans then I agree with you. But if it’s directed personally then I still agree with you but for the opposite reason because there are fans of long term chastity but at the same time there are other fans who either lack strength of will and/or are simply over eager to unlock your armor.

          • WendyWarrior says:

            And this is the point of a fixed duration! you want to see the model unlocked after 10 days but she has to do 15 days? grin and bear it.

        • Did I forget to list jerks who would take advantage by withholding the keys to extort favors?

  10. Mike the Director says:

    Wendy – well done for demolishing another mythical limit to movement in the life of the locked woman.


  11. Wendy the amazing

  12. Wow she is sexy. Want to see more of her offer her a deal and make her suffer all the things she wanted other girls to endure

  13. Basil Blake says:

    Congratulations dear Wendy, I’m so glad that you finally made it. You’re an official chastity babe, now :-)

    Your swimming project is so courageous and beautiful, I love it! I was so exited because of your video’s re-upload, my girlfriend even got jealous and prohibited me from watching it. (However, I finally convinced her that I, as a guy in permanent chastity, can impossibly get “too exited”. So, in the end, I was allowed to watch it after agreeing to pay the price: for the next two weeks, I will have to wear my small cage instead of my more agreeable CB 6000 gold. However: It was worth it, your video is great!).

    My cousin also loves plugged and belted swimming. And she always insists on using her big dildo with five (!!!) metal balls. I think I will ask her to contribute to this website…

    What about plugged and belted cycling as a further project?

    Greetings :-) ;-)

    • WendyWarrior says:

      When will your cousin be a chastitybabe? we could do a Double Plugged Swim!

      Thanks for your greetings =^.^=

      • Basil Blake says:

        She will visit me this weekend (especially for her weekly chastity break and cleaning). I think I will try to increase her sexual tension by keeping her plugged and belted until Sunday morning and then propose her to become a chastity babe.

        I don’t think that she will decline, but even though… a sweet little punishment with long term chastity will surely convince her.

        Maybe we can enlarge our “chaste sports” section with her. She loves playing badminton and plug and belt are always a perfect treat to beautify her exercises… :-)

    • How old is your cousin? Why do so much females in your family wear belts?

  14. Michael says:

    Well, this video won’t get banned!

  15. I will shortly be rejoining after a bit of hiatus, I know that this makes it worth every single cent of renewing.

    Well done Wendy, and thanks a million for sharing!

  16. Any chance this could be made available to non-members, like it was on YouTube?

  17. DonnaFan says:

    Dear Wendy,

    I enjoyed your meovtiful comments here a lot. But newer know that you had so well-built and tight body, too! It it obvious to see why it needs to be locked.

    Your outer appearance can only be matched by the noble determination of your mind to master the wearing of chastity belts all the time!

    Tell my greetings to your keyholder, too! I’m a bit jealous to him/her – although I couldn’t ever become your ‘best friend’. I could only be satisfied to be your lover!

    Merci Beaucoup.

  18. WendyWarrior says:

    Just a little question: who is a French chastitybabe?

  19. Bonjour Wendy,

    My wife will soon be belted and we both speak french fluently. We’re finishing the measurements and I hope to post some pictures soon.

    A bientôt!

    • WendyWarrior says:

      Hi =^.^=

      Which kind of belt will she have?

      If you prefer, we can chat by email.
      (webmaster, please give him my address)

      • It’s one of those chinese fully adjustable belts with an ergonomic waistband and a 4 ball plug.
        I have a similar male version ;)

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