chastity belt 

English dialogueDavon will have to clean the kitchens and toilets in my studio (yes, my studio really has 3 small kitchens and 4 toilets, it’s a long story). But all this moving around causes a problem for the tiny plugged Philippine girl: her labia are quite big and sometimes they protrude through the slotted secondary shield. Then, when she bends over and gets up again, the plug slides and catches her labia, pinching her.
Davon’s English is not good enough to explain that, she simply says ‘pain’ when something is hurting her. I like her simplicity. ‘It is pain!’, she tries to explain, moaning and sighing. But when I inquire a little further, it turns out she simply does not like cleaning toilets. Of course, she had a luxury job at a receptionist desk before, so it is quite a shock to be shackled in very heavy metal, locked in a chastity belt with a large plug inside, cleaning kitchens and toilets. But someone has to do it!
Then, she suddenly needed to go to the toilet herself. I really want to train her to be plugged 24/7, but we are not there yet. All this moaning and complaining made me a little soft, so I decided she could take off the belt for a few seconds to use the toilet. I need to order a custom belt for her anyway before we can get to 24/7 front plugging (yes, girls can pee plugged). But even then, she will need cleaning breaks (even more because plugged Deals need more breaks for hygienic safety), and girls like to use the toilet during their cleaning breaks. It’s simply a lot less messy.
‘Can you close the door?’, Davon begs, still in shackles. Of course not. The door stays open and toilet breaks are supervised. Girls are clever (especially Davon) and they can not be allowed to touch themselves. That’s the whole point of any Chastity Deal!

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  1. Michael says:

    Sorry Davon, you can’t negotiate from a position of weakness. Your chastity belt keeps you free. Quite a paradox, isn’t it!

  2. Soontobebeltedcouple says:

    We just wanted to introduce ourselves. We found this website while researching chastity belts. A lot of your comments have been very insitful and the webmaster has given us some great information and tips. We look forward to commenting with you all and hopefully in a month or so we will be changing our name to just beltedcouple.

    • Soontobebeltedcouple says:

      Thank you…..Pam really likes reading your comments as you have first hand experience

  3. Awww, another wasted opportunity to lock Davon in some rubber gloves, especially when cleaning the toilet. But I do like the pictures of her locked so far.

  4. High Command says:

    Are you still plugged in solidarity with Davon?

  5. Locked_inSteel says:

    The plug is very big for her that causes discomfort and/or pain. A small 4-ball plug (1″ at widest x 4.5″ total length) is best.

    Also, the shaft of the plug is short and causes labia to catch between the slot and the rod. A longer shaft is desirable that keeps a safe distance between the slot and the plug when locked, much like Dona’s belt.

  6. David Sellmon says:

    Is Davon still with you? You could add some element to the side panel which shows in realtime what her current predicament is, like if she is chained, if she is plugged, if she still wears collar and cuffs, etc.

  7. as Kim is going?

  8. L00K1n64fun says:

    Is she still with you?
    How is she doing?

  9. Is kim still with you as your slave

  10. What is going on with with the up dates on slave kim

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