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As mentioned last week, Lena King has made a Chastity Deal to live in the Spanish house under the conditions that she is always locked in chastity, is always naked, does all the Household task (gardening, cleaning, laundry, dishes, and more), and…. that she will keep herself available as a bondage slave.
Lena will be tied up, chained, gagged, and played with whenever the owner of the house wants to. He is a big fan of bondage, especially metal (that’s why he wanted the belts), like handcuffs and chains. Lena King signed this Deal because she is a submissive, so for her it is actually not a punishment, but a nice experience and a challenge! Google Lena King to see more of her bondage adventures! She is very talented!
In this footage I received from Spain, we see Lena walk around the garden, seemingly trying to escape, with her hands cuffed, and her mouth gagged with tape. Later, she is captured, and chained to a tree. It’s fun to see her get on with her special Chastity Deal so well. It’s in Spain, so it is nice and sunny, although Lena will probably get some fun tan lines from her belt!
I am very glad the owner is using the belts I left there last year. Now if he would only send some more footage of Yvette Costeau in her belt, I would be very happy and satisfied both belts have been put to good use!

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  1. WendyWarrior says:

    Are tan lines a problem? remember what you said: “tan lines are visible when you take the belt off, and chastity belts aren’t meant to be taken off”.

    Playing bondage, being belted all the day, serving a master, … the dream! Don’t you want to add pink belt and bra?

    Maybe you can build a Spanish HQ of chastitybabes… This guy seems to be an excellent assistant =^.^=

    I love watching her tugging doors, grids, and the device she has on her wrists! I own it and I love it (and struggling, I do myself too for pleasure) =^.^=
    I have only one regret: she should have worn a bra. But you keep this for your belted holiday =^.^=

    If I wasn’t a member, I would have joined for this update. Really fun to see, and probably much more to live =^.^=

  2. webmaster, if you want a second HQ, PLEASE choose spain, love where he is going in this clip.

  3. young engineer says:

    I think it is stupid to handcuff someone to a tree and duct tape their mouth. Unsafe

    • WendyWarrior says:

      Why? She must have a “safe word” by doing something (for instance struggling exactly 3 times).

  4. Love the last 2 Lena scenes. Great!

    For trying to escape, she should have those boots taken away and be forced to mow the yard barefoot.

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