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English dialogueA brand new belt and a brand new girl today! The very elegant tall blonde fashion model Sophie had been on my wish list for years. Surely she would never allow herself to be belted? I did not even know her and we never met. But I kept my eye on her, and when she did a few fetish fashion shoots, I tried to approach her for a little Casting.
This chain style NeoSteel had been waiting for a girl in my studio for a while. It is made for a very slim but very tall girl. I just knew Sophie would be perfect for this NeoSteel! Or this NeoSteel would be perfect for Sophie! Either way, it was an incredible fit, very tight on the waist and super elegant!
This NeoSteel has got the long front shield option, which means there is no second lock, the secondary shield goes all the way up the waist belt. It also has the stainless steel snaplock option, which can be opened with a special 2-pronged tool (although this can easily be swapped for a padlock for more security). It is very refreshing to see all these new options that have never been featured on this website before. And Sophie… well she is just drop dead gorgeous!! She tried to hide the belt under her tight red dress, but she wanted to swap outfits (a top and skirt) to see if it made the belt less visible. We had a lot of fun, even though Sophie was a bit nervous, but it was good to discover she is very submissive, so there is potential for more shoots and a nice Chastity Deal!


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  1. The belt and the lock are beautiful. Neosteel makes good belts. I’d like to see Sophie in a chastity belt for a couple days.

  2. Wow, is all that I can say.
    A beautiful young lady, especially with the belt !
    Hopefully a definite potential “meet and greet” candidate, one of these days !

    • fokusnik, she is now ready for meet and greets, in her NeoSteel!!
      Only condition is don’t try to find out her real name as she is under contract with fashion model agencies.

  3. Mike the Director says:

    Webmaster, you have struck gold with this set. Tall, elegant, thoughtful and, at the end, perfectly poised in her personal prison: concealed, confined and comfortably chaste.

    I could walk past this restrained lady in an office or on board a train and never guess at her secret. The Neosteel belt itself is an excellent example of German engineering. Thanks you for bringing together all these elements.

    I suspect that the red dress would also have been fine, with an under-slip or one size larger.

    Well done!

  4. Basil Blake says:

    Neosteel is one of my favourite manufacturers (together with My-Steel). And since Sophie definitely looks like a very passionate and quite lustful girl, I think she should stay belted for a longer period. Hope there will be a chance for that in future times…

  5. steelpants says:

    Wow! That’s a stunning belt on a stunning lady! You say it was not custom made for her? The fit is just perfect! Neosteel makes the most amazing and most secure belts.

  6. Would love to see her in a long chastity deal. Nothing extreme, no plugs or bondage. Just her safely locked up 24/7

  7. Sophie has an amazing figure. Rarely see women with a figure like that nowadays. Must get her back and tease her to make her smile!!

    What’s wrong with the world… no reply by Wendy yet?

  8. Women always look better when they get a steel chastity belt! ;)
    Neosteel doing fine belts. Too bad it’s so much more male belts than for women, in their production. I would like to see their Arch modified to female.

  9. This belt fits her perfectly. It’s a pity that one cannot watch her putting on the belt. She definitely should wear it longer independently of the kind of lock in use. A matching set of thigh bands would be fine, however the belt does not seem to be prepared for it. Great work!

    Please, show us more of this babe!

  10. if only to get her to agree to a more secure contract

  11. Doesn’t the key to this snap-lock also have a magnet?

  12. Looks like Claudia

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