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English dialogueToday you will find out if you were right, voting in this poll! Later in the evening, Natalia called me. She was angry, and told me where I could stuff my belt, bra, and cameras (the sun doesn’t shine there). She needed to go to the toilet very bad, and she told me to come over right away to unlock the belt and take out the plug!
When I arrived about 10 minutes later, she had already calmed down a bit. I managed to convince her to give it a try: just go to the toilet and try to pee. She did a 5 day full chastity challenge before, without any breaks, so she knows how to use the toilet in a chastity belt, and how to clean herself! The only difference is this 4-ball stainless steel plug inserted into her vagina. I was very curious to find out if it is possible to urinate like this (I guess you are curious too). How did I convince her? Easy: unlocking = no money. Never fails.
And what do you know! Natalia managed to use the toilet without any major problems. She even muttered that she was disappointed about that, since now she did not have ANY excuses left to NOT complete the 48 hour Plug Challenge! Cleaning was a little harder though, but it’s only 48 hours and she will take lots of showers and even baths!
This video is a must see if you love Natalia’s temper and personality! She goes from frustrated to excited to contemplating in seconds! One of the highlights is where the camera caught her sneezing, which involuntarily caused a little pinch followed by a very arousing sensation! Another gem is her comment ‘constantly being penetrated isn’t good!’, while her body language tells us something else. Watch the video clip, you will love it!

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  1. Give her a blog!!!
    Provided she does a weekly challenge, the over the top drama she does is amazing.
    Compaining but in the meanwhile…….

  2. I don’t know Natalia personal so I Couldn’t tell you if she can gratify herself if you didn’t have that bra on her. Or if it would merely add to her frustration, even at this point in her deal.

  3. ChastityLover says:

    Natalia has always been one of my favorite models. I’ve seen her in some very restrictive poses and her photos are always pleasing. Hearing her talk during the cb challenges makes me like her even more. It’s wonderful to hear the complaints, then pleasure, then willing acceptance of her confinement.

  4. Dear Mr Webmaster, I have sent you an email regarding being unable to download the last two updates even though the membership is still valid

  5. How about a girl, let’s say Dominique, in full chastity, hanging around handcuffed and shackled?

    P.S. Natalia is the only whiny girl I love.

    • Around where, the studio? Like a resident model again? Also: be sure to list what type of cuffs as the webmaster has several of them.

      Haven’t seen her around on almost two years. Accept for one other shoot with Jenni on your other site for leather; beltbound

  6. This new plugged session made me want to renew my membership. :-D

    Natalia looks absolutely irrestible in her predicament. I can’t wait for the next episodes.
    I wonder what you have in store for her last day of challenge. But I have a few suggestions:
    -Send her outside for a walk, i.e. doing some shopping
    -If she prefers to stay home, I’m pretty sure she would look awesome with collar and cuffs added: Natalia, the most whiny chastity babe turned into the perfect tamed submissive… I’m drooling in advance ;-)

  7. I’m waiting for the day where someone accepts a challenge to stay locked in a belt, bra, chained thigh bands and unchained collar/wristcuffs/anklecuffs , for an entire month. I really wonder what their day to day life would look like.

  8. Did the plug hurt at all, was there any pinching, or just red skin?

  9. Besides sneezing; another way to tense up is through laughter. Choose a belt that doesn’t pinch so much and you can have an erogenous tickle session.

  10. XRumerTest says:

    Hello. And Bye.

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